If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these women together ought to be able to turn it back, and get it right side up again! And now they is asking to do it, the men better let them.”-Sojourner Truth

THE ATLANTA A.M.E. WOMEN IN MINISTRY is committed to being integral in the lives of professional and seminary women by offering opportunities for increased information by sharing good n.e.w.s on our site and on social platforms; by engaging emerging female leaders, and by encouraging women to advance the mission of the Global Women In Ministry Organization. Our goal is to be represented at Bishop Reginald T. Jackson and Supervisor Christy Davis Jackson's events showing ourselves concerned, committed, and connected to the Bishop and Supervisor Jackson's vision.
Being Daughters of Destiny

We believe that women are created to fulfill their unique mission and purpose in life as chosen persons of God. Standing on the shoulders of Reverend Jarena Lee, Amanda Berry Smith, Julia A.J. Foote, and others, we are encouraged through their stories that when it is our time, we will know it and seize it. We are enterprising, world-changing women. We have a history of well-wishers on our side. We will lead like we mean it! May the spirit of Amanda Berry Smith, who was nicknamed, “God’s Image Carved in Ebony,” rest on us as we recall what she remembered, "for I had received my ordination from Him, who said, “ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that you might go and bring forth fruit'.

Being Inclusive

The Atlanta Women in Ministry Board is comprised of senior pastors, assistant pastors, ministry assistants, and seminarians. It is our aim to see women who have the appointments as pastors open their pulpits and classrooms to women who have similar gifts, just without the appointments to serve as pastors. We also seek out senior pastors who have a heart to mentor those who are currently in the BOE process. 


Women within the Atlanta Conference who do not serve as senior pastors are qualified in the areas of speaking, preaching, teaching, and financial literacy. Some lead in corporations as executives, others are founders of organizations and nonprofits. Many women have musical gifts; others are professional coaches and trainers. There is no lacking of gifts; perhaps only limited opportunities.


Our focus is to promote all women--from those who are in the Board of Examiners to those who have completed denominational requirements. We desire to see the "lesser known" women utilized across the Atlanta conference...and you can help us.

Be open.

Be Inclusive. 


Being A Sisterhood

The Atlanta WIM has a strong history of supporting one another. We want that to continue. If you have events that are open to the public, share with us. We will promote your event on social media. If you need prayer, coaching, or mentoring, we are here for you. When one sister succeeds, it is a win for all. #WeAreAMEWIM

Being Intentional 

Each area coordinator has been charged to lead an event on her district. We are intentional about showing up in the Atlanta North GA Conference. So often the non-active naysayers complain that they "don't see WIM doing anything." Well, Atlanta WIM has been moving with intention since the new conference coordinator was elected. In case you missed it, we have hosted the Lavender and White Social (South); The Social Justice Prayer Brunch (East); The Fresh Fire Revival (North); We attended Bishop and Supervisor Jackson's sponsored Christmas celebration, as well as political awareness events. In the new year, we have promoted Wear Red Sunday on what we call Jarena Lee Day (Sunday, February 11), and hosted Endless Praise (West).  We continue to support our clergy sisters throughout Atlanta. 

We are about that #WIMLIFE!

Being Financial 

It is no secret that the organizations of the church have members. To meet their stated goals, they have persons who are interested to move from interest to active membership. The Atlanta North GA Conference Women in Ministry organization is no different. During any event, when the women in ministry are called to stand and be recognized, all who operate under that banner of being female and a minister/clergy, rise up. Well, being in Atlanta, we want you to rise up as well and become financial. That simply means that you pay your dues of $75, plus $25 to the area where you serve (north, east, west, or south). $100 per year is less than $10 per month, less than $2.50 per week. For seminary students and supporters, it is even less

Click here to join. We want to connect with you. 

Being Givers

The Atlanta AME WIM are sowers. The 2017-18 conference year, we shared our resources of time and treasure with the Atlanta Mission's Day Shelter for Women. The Reverend Sherice Simmons was instrumental in coordinating this effort for us. We will continue to demonstrate our WIM Cares spirit and we would love to see you support.

For additional information, visit our Facebook page: Atlanta North Georgia Conference Women in Ministry.   


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